About UsMy parents were both immigrants to the United States from Cuba. Growing up I spoke the language, heard the stories, listened to the music, and ate the food that helped define who I was, and what was my "Latinality". When I was older I wanted to share my culture with everyone around me. Whenever my wife and I attended a party or potluck, we would always bring something Cuban. Nothing gave us greater joy than seeing people's reactions to the amazing flavors and originality of our recipes. The name Latinality comes from the question, "What is your Latin nationality, or country of origin?" or even, "What's your Latin personaitly?" Just because all Latin countries speak Spanish, each one has its own distinct foods, music, and history, which make it unique and sets it apart from its Latin counterparts.


Recently I decided to share my culture and flavors by offering marinades and sauces so that anyone could make the same delicious meals at home. I also decided to do something that no one had ever done before, and that was create Latin sauces that were not only tasty, but actually healthy for you.

We had the option to use the same ingredients as other sauces, but we chose to be unique, and thereby, be the first. The first to offer a Latin inspired sauce that is completely vegan and allergen-free. Our ingredients are also 100% organic and completely GMO-Free. When you remove everything that's bad, all you have left is quality ingredients and flavor.


Our goal is to eventually have sauces and marinades from every Latin country (I currently have only one represented out of the 28 listed). We spend a lot of time making our sauces perfect and easy for people to use at home. It's simplicity and at the same time, savory. So please, enjoy our Latinality sauces and marinades, and leave the hard work to us.