There are currently four Latinality marinades and sauces

• Cuban ​​Pork Marinade
• Cuban Pollo Asado Chicken Marinade
• Cuban Mojo Garlic-Onion Sauce
• Cuban Sofrito Base Sauce

Here are some authentic recipes that you can make. For additional recipes you can order our e-cookbook, Click here for ordering information. You can also go to our YouTube Channel (available Spring 2016) and watch videos which show how to use our amazing sauces.


RecipesOur chicken and pork marinades are prepared in a way that you can either marinade your meats overnight or pour and cook immediately. One jar of pork marinade is good for a 7-10 lb. pork roast, while the pollo asado chicken marinade works with 3-5 chicken breasts or 6-8 thighs.

For best results, in plastic bag, put meat in bag and pour one jar of Latinality Pork or Pollo Asado Chicken Marinade. Seal bag and refrigerate overnight.

The next day, remove from plastic bag and place either pork or chicken in crock pot with 1/2 jar of water and leave on medium heat for several hours. You can add sauce and grill right away.
When roasting chicken, remove from bag and place in roasting pan with lid (you may add 1 medium diced onion now or after cooking). Cook covered at 500 degrees for 30 minutes, then turn off oven for 30 minutes more. After 30 minutes, remove lid and broil for 10 minutes.

For pulled pork, roasts should be cooked covered at 250 degrees for 6-8 hours. For roasts to be sliced, it should be cooked uncovered for 4-6 hours.​


Sofrito sauce is the base sauce for a majority of Cuban dishes. It can be used to enhance the flavor of beans. 1 jar of our sofrito base sauce can be used for 6 lbs. of dry beans, or use 1/4 jar for a 15 oz. can of black beans. Be sure to refrigerate, or better yet, freeze in ice trays any unused sauce. Below is a recipe for Cuban Ropa Vieja. You can substitute any seafood or chicken for the beef in this savory dish.

Ropa Vieja (Shredded beef with onions and peppers)
This is a favorite recipe in our family. It's so tasty, that it can be served over rice or even in a tortilla. This is one of the only Cuban recipes with a little "kick"

• 2lbs. beef chuck, stew meat or flank steak
• 8 oz. jar of Latinality Sofrito Base Sauce
• 1 large onion
• 2 large red and green peppers (stems and seeds removed)
• 8 oz can of tomato sauce
• 1 tsp. salt
• 1 tsp. pepper
• 1 tsp. garlic granules
• 2 cups of beef broth water
• 1 tbsp. olive oil (may substitute safflower or sunflower oil)
• Tabasco sauce
• Pressure cooker with relief valvew works best for this meal, but you may use a crock pot as well.
• Glass or metal baking pan

1. Cut meat into medium sized chunks
2. In pressure cooker, or crock pot, add salt, pepper, and garlic granules. Add enough water to completely cover the meat.
​3. Close lid and start to cook on medium-high until the pressure valve begins to sound. (If using a crock pot,  slow cooks for several hours until the meat is soft enough to shred with a fork. When using a large pot and lid, cook on medium high for 45-60 minutes.)
​4. While meat is cooking, cut bell peppers and onions into thin slices. Put to the side, covered, until needed.
​5. When the meat is finished cooking, remove from pot and place in glass pan. With pair of forks, separate, or shred the meat into small pieces. If you are using a crock pot, you will need to remove the beef broth to another container, but be sure to save some for later!
6. In separate pot with lid, add the shredded meat, onions, bell pepper, tomato sauce, and Latinality Sofrito Base Sauce.
7. Add two cups of beef broth to the pot. You may dispose of the rest.
8. Add  two-three drops of tabasco sauce (Add more if desired). Thoroughly mix all ingredients together.
9. Slow-ly simmer on medium heat for 15=20 minutes. The longer it simmers, the better it will taste!
10. Remove from heat and serve over rice or in a tortilla.


RecipesThis cuban sauce is a common topping in many cuban households. simply heat and serve over pork, chicken, or beef. if you have leftover sauce, just add some more onion and refrigerate until you need more.